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CBD Results

2018 Field Trials

Non-Treated Total CBD
North Carolina 5.50% 14.53% 164.18%
Oregon 12.60% 21.71% 72.30%
Oregon 13.78% 17.79% 29.10%
North Carolina 6.40% 9.25% 44.53%
Kentucky 10.25% 14.79% 44.29%

The Soil Balance System

Grower Testimonials

Sykes Mitchell - Big Top Farms - Oregon Hemp

Franny Tacy - Franny's Farm - North Carolina Hemp

Maverick Hurley - Franny's Farm - North Carolina Hemp

Tom Abbott - Peak Nurseries - Cloning Hemp

Sykes Mitchell - Big Top Farms - Oregon Hemp

A big thank you to all who add life to the soil

The Science

Soil Balance Pro contains 12 key hemp specific streptomycetes strains, which create secondary metabolite acids in the soil which dramatically optimizes nutrient absorption. This allows the plant to increase cannabinoid production, terpene production and flavonoid production. Soil Balance Pro contains a total of 62 beneficial microbe strains. Our specific combination of actinomycetes strains allows the cannabis plant to reach its optimal genetic expression for enhanced oil production.


Stress Induced THC

CBD:THC Ratios

The microbes in Soil Balance Pro have been carefully selected for their unique ability to supplement the cannabis plant's production of necessary precursors to cannabinoid formation and stimulate key biosynthetic pathways. Soil Balance Pro will not change your cultivars genetically encoded CBD:THC ratios, but will optimize and amplify their genetic expression. However, Soil Balance Pro has shown to consistently reduce certain types of "stress induced" THC production. "Stress induced" THC production is NOT genetically encoded, rather triggered by stress induced genetic misprints. These misprints have the ability to skew CBD:THC ratios in a compiled negative manner for hemp farmers. Soil Balance helps protect the CBD:THC ratios that you have invested in and carefully selected. It is still the responsibility of the farmer to select high quality genetics with broad CBD:THC ratios and to regularly monitor and maintain THC limits imposed by their governing body.

Leaf Nutrient Content

2017 Field Trials

64% Increase in leaf Phosphorous content
38% Increase in leaf Nitrogen content
58% Increase in leaf Potassium content
133% Increase in leaf Calcium content
110% Increase in leaf Magnesium content

Petiole samples taken from plants in NC, processed independently by NCDA (North Carolina Department of Agriculture).

How We Begin

The art of regenerative and sustainable agriculture is not found in a product, it is a mindset. By farming the soil, the life you provide to it will equal the life you and others will receive from it. Soil Balance Pro has been created to serve the stewards and protectors of our lands and plants. All life and human sustainability is intimately connected to your work. Soil Balance Pro is a tool designed to support and leverage that mission.

We encourage you to connect with one of our consultants to guarantee availability and reserve Soil Balance Pro for your operation today. Visit our online store at or reach out to us directly using one of the methods below. Thank you for your work.

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